Done and done

11 Jul

We wrapped up our Paris bakery tour yesterday, saving our own 16th arrondissement for last. After a nice early morning walk to Trocadero with Mr. Roscoe, we turned onto Avenue Kleber to visit Boulangerie Patisserie Coudrier Geffroy. As usual we stuck to the basics: one baguette, one croissant, one pain au chocolat, and we indulged in an escargot au chocolat. The bread was still warm leading all of us (even Roscoe) to have a few bites on the walk home. Coudrier Geffroy is well known for his viennoiserie and the croissant and pain au chocolat were delicious! There really is nothing like a hand-made, flaky, buttery morning pastry…in fact, we are putting our viennoiserie skills to test today and making our own. We’ll post on that later this week to see how we stack up against the best of Paris!

It took us 6 months, but we are happy to have accomplished this adventure in visiting at least one bakery in each of Paris’ 20 districts. Not only did we get to see a variety of different bakeries and taste a lot of different breads and pastries, we also got to see a lot of Paris. We most definitely traveled to areas in Paris that we probably never would have visited without this tour; and finding cool neighborhoods off the beaten touristy path is always fun. We have also been inspired on several occasions to try baking something new at home after seeing a new pastry item for the first time on our tour. For future bakery lovers visiting Paris, we have three favorite bakeries you should not miss, and I’m sure we’ll be visiting these three many times in the next few remaining months we have in Paris: Du Pain et Des Idees, Boulangerie Bruno Solques, and Arnoud Delmontel. We promise, you won’t be disappointed by these artisan bakers!

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