Paris Plages

21 Aug

Bum Phillips, one time Houston Oilers coach said, “Don Shula can take his’n and beat your’n…Or he can take your’n and beat his’n.”  Of course, old Don led the Miami Dolphins to the one and only undefeated season in NFL history, cementing his place in NFL lore and the Miami Dolphins as the greatest TEAM of all-time, in any sport, whether it be kickball, dodgeball, or that other sport they call football.  As you can tell, football fever has hit this household just as the temperatures in Paris reach their highs of the summer.  No air conditioning in a 6th floor apartment required a cooling outlet and our ticket to refreshment was Paris Plages.  Every August for the past few years, Paris erects a beach scene on the banks of the Seine, resplendent in beach chairs, umbrellas, and cafes.  We posted up near Le Marais, where the advertisement of a pool and water fountains seemed quite appetizing.  Unfortunately, the pool was open solely for aquagym and the water fountains were simply H2O mist.  Nevertheless, the mist did its job to cool us down and we enjoyed a picnic on the banks of the Seine with a light breeze taking the sting off the sun’s intensity.

Luckily, we head down south this week to experience the real thing.  We’re making a quick stop to visit the vineyards in Bourgogne and then we’re off to the beach at Ste. Maxime, Diano Marina, and Cannes with friends and family.  Internet access will be sporadic, but we’ll try to update, not that we’ve done much blogging lately.  In the meantime, go Dolphins!

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